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Making a Seamless Scale Material Part II

In part I of this tutorial, I went over my process for creating a tile- able texture mask using photoshop and illustrator. We ended with how different applied effects done in photoshop could alter the basic outcome a sculpted tile inside of Zbrush. In this lesson, I want to go over how to apply that texture in Zbrush and then further refine it using Zbrush's robust sculpting tools and a combination of masking techniques. While I will personally be working with a mask that I did indeed create in photoshop, this process can be easily applied and used without having a mask at all.  We will go over some helpful tips and hints that can help us keep our texture seamless and furthermore, expedite the sculpting process so that we can get great results with less effort.  For this tutorial, you will need the following programs : Zbrush. If you created a seamless pattern from the first part of this document, then be sure to have that file as well!  Setting up your seamless pa