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Making a Seamless Scale Material Part I

Today, I wanted to share my process for creating a seamless, scale-able material that can either be projected onto Zbrush models or applied as materials to UV'd models inside of programs like Maya and 3Ds Max.

I used this when creating my unique stylized scale surfaces. You can find breakdowns for them here :Stylized Scale Materials
This is a tutorial that will be split into four parts. Below is an outline on what we will cover.  This post will be addressing part 1. 
          Part 1: Approaching Scales and Creating a Pattern.           Part 2: Refining your pattern in Zbrush.
          Part 3: Creating a compelling and believable scale Material inside of Maya

I will be using the following programs to create my Scale material : Adobe Photoshop (optional) , Adobe Illustrator (optional), Zbrush , Vray and Maya.  Part 1: Approaching and Creating A Pattern
 Creating a seamless texture can be done in many ways. This tutorial goes over just one way to create a seamless scale texture.First, …