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Can't I just Finish Things?

When it comes to personal projects, It feels like I just can't get anything done. I start something, get halfway through, and then 95 % of the time, I just abandon it. I have done a lot of thinking over why this is. I always deliver my work finished and on time. Whether it is for a collaborative or for my job,  I never seem to have the same problem finishing things. I know that laziness isn't an issue for me, so what is it? What is stopping me from getting my ideas out and done? I have put so much time in my work, only to let dozens of personal projects disappear in a digital twilight zone.  Why Can't I get it Done?  Focus:  When I am at work, its easy to stay focused. I have a list of tasks and a set of goals I want to complete each day, I am pretty dedicated to hitting all of my deadlines and making sure my work meets expectations, but when it comes to my personal life, I can't seem to do it, I start something, but I don't know exactly where I am

Making A Seamless Scale Material Part III

This tutorial goes over how you can connect your new tile-able texture into a vray mtl and play with the settings to create a material that acts like fish scales.  1.) Setting up your Material.  Scales are more complex than we think. They have a level of iridescence , subsurface scattering and micro- specular detail to them that is hard for our eyes to see. These three attributes make all the difference when trying to pull off an interesting and believable scale material. Lets call them cornerstone attributes.  Exploring cornerstone attributes of scales:  This section will go over the definitions of the cornerstone attributes of fish scales. It will brush a little on the biology of fish and how we can use this information when building our material, Feel free to skip this section if biology isn't you thing. :)  Iridescence :  Iridescence basically occurs when the hue shifts with the angle of observation ( point of view )  and the angle of illuminati