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WIP: Elegant Seahorse Part IV

This time around, I have continued to improve and block out the turntable for the seahorse. I Developed a slightly less tedious way to do the fins. It requires a few more steps but, in the end , it yields better results that require less tweaking. Looking closely at the model, it is apparent that the fins o the left side of the body look a little different than the right side of the body. This is because I used a different method for the right side, so the fins look cleaner and more precise. On the left side, there is a bit of warping and pinching, but I think that can easily be fixed inside of ZBrush, or I can go back and apply my new method for generating fins from the spines. I didn't realize actually how hard it can be just to figure out what types of corals there are and how to compose them in nicely on the turntable. I have made a few 'alien' corals based off of real-world corals like tube coral, brain coral and pink coral. I hope that by the next pass, I will

WIP: Elegant Seahorse Part III

This week, I found I had a lot more free time to work on personal work, and despite some hardware setbacks that left me down and out for two days, I feel like I have made a considerable amount of progress. Unfortunately, I feel as if this progres is much more technical in nature so there won't be as many screen captures of my work. For this update, I jumped around the project significantly. In Z brush, I worked on further refining and creating scales. In Maya , I continued to use curves and deformers to build out the silhouettes of the fins. I also took the opportunity to tackle the "environment" surrounding my character. I am opting for a simple reef turntable. I replaced the plain pipe that the character was originally wrapping around , with a curling seaweed stem. I used bright default Lamberts to help me get a feel for the flow and the shape of the remaining fins. Like the dorsal fins, I used curves to define the overall flow and lofted them. I decided th

WIP: Elegant Seahorse Part II

I learned that fins are a lot of work. Sculpting scales, no problem. Making fins? ehhhhh. In this update, I changed the face a bit and continued blocking out the scales on the body . I decided that I really didn't like the fins on the seahorse from week one , so I decided that I wanted to begin to play around with shapes and ideas that I'd be happier with. Since this guys isn't really grounded in reality, I took a lot of liberties with how big the fins were and how they were shaped. In the end, I decided to go with a spiny dorsal look , like a bass but much longer in comparison to the body like a lion fish. I played around with shape and flow as well, drawing influence from beta fish. I think this gave me some really nice, elongated and smooth shapes to play with. Working on Fins To create the fins, I exported my seahorse into Maya and decided to get an overall feel for flow and shape with the dorsal fins. To do this, I used the Curve tool to give me