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Scales Generator Parameter Breakdown

I Recently finished my scales generator. This is a fairly flexible generator that allows you to do quite a lot of things. The generator is availalbe on substance share here : Scale Generator . Check out the parameter list below.

Revisiting the Scales Generator in Substance

After a long hiatus, I've decided to revisit the scale generator that I started.While I liked the concept of it, I decided that a lot of it could be improved upon, so I have decided to rebuild it.  This time around I will be using an FX map to help me build this. I hope that I can learn and share some things along the way.   So far, the new scale generator has a lot more parameters you can tweak . There are more scale profiles to choose from, there is more control over the ridges, and I have added a new height pass with parameters that  give the user some "sculpting" control to help build out some nice height maps from the generator.  Its all pretty basic right now, but I have begun to dive into more complex functions and parameters using the FX map , like random variation, among others. I hope that as I learn more about the fx node and all of its capabilities, I'll be able to share with an in depth guide.  For now, here's the current state of

Ghosted by Substance

BACKDROP: Recently, I upgraded my substance designer license on one of my older computers. Everything seemed to go smoothly, until I realized that nearly all of my old graphs were loading in with "Ghost Nodes" . " Ghost nodes are placeholders for whatever node that substance can't find. They don't seem like that big of a deal but when you have a ghost node in your graph, it can seriously screw up your output results. For the most part, replacing Ghost nodes in Substance is a breeze, you open up your graph  and get a prompt from Substance telling you that it could not find "the" node and asking you if you'd like to pull it from a new location. When you have a realtively small graph and only a few Ghost nodes, this method works well enough. For larger graphs however, this task can become quite repetitive, because you have to load in the reference graph for every individual ghosted node, even if you fixed the reference to the same exact node ea